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Cable Tech has been helping business throughout Limpopo to gain their competitive edge. Our success is built on delivering world-class solutions to local problems in Information Technology and Satellite Connectivity Sector.



About Cable-tech

Cable Tech has been helping business throughout Limpopo to gain their competitive edge. Our success is built on delivering world-class solutions to local problems in Information Technology and Satellite Connectivity Sector.

Cable Tech has developed a unique approach to providing solutions to our clients. It based on offering an integrated approach that will address the specific needs of our clients, while delivering implement able, cost effective and high value solutions

Our approach is characterized by the use of proven project management techniques to quickly assess the real problem and develop tailor made solutions. The successful implementation is viewed as only the first part of an ongoing relationship with our clients. In order to satisfy our clients

Cable Tech provides a two –tied strategy on a full range of Satellites and Information Technology services. In house we have built our strengths and focus on delivering core competencies in a wide range of services. Supportive to this, strategic alliances have been formed within specialized services.

We are a unique growing South African company striving for excellence and creating lasting mutual beneficial partnership with our clients. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by successfully providing an intergraded ICT and Business Management Consulting to our clients developing needs focusing in Limpopo Province.

The inception of Cable Tech was motivated by the need to ensure that clients get valuable service delivery that strives to maintain and exceed service excellence while paying attention to safety, costand time implications.

* We have adopted ourselves to a mission statement “service excellence” that is used to measure our performance and mission inter alias:

* Execute all technical challenges to provide excellent solutions that will exceed the client expectations.

* Empower our staff to becoming a strong technical team and be recognized by the engineering and professional institutions.

* Ensure that the community is treated as the main beneficiary on all community development based projects.

Our Services


LAN and WAN, Development and Installation

We have a network team that can implement networks to fully support the clients IT infrastructure through various network topologies. We have experience in UTP cabling and fire optic.

Classroom Presentation Systems

New digital audio and video technologies are revolutionizing the world of presentation technology, changing the way teachers teach and students learn. From video on demand, video retrieval and live streaming video, to distance learning and professional development, to totally interactive, collaborative classrooms, never before has it been so easy for educators to access so much information at such attractive price points. Among the classroom presentation system technologies that only SWC can put to work in your school are: Promethean Collaborative Classroom System AMX Integrated Classroom Control Systems

Server Base Computing

Server based computing is an architecture where the application is executed 100% from the server and the application is executed via Thin-client/ terminal session hardware and software. We are qualified to design, implement and maintain a server based computing environment.


By understanding the today’s demands of Enterprise Networking, Cable-Tech is delivering a VSAT Connectivity services which can effectively handle Voice, Video and Data at the same? Time to enable our subscribers to user multimedia rich applications and IP Carriers Shared and Dedicated IP Backbones

Ku Band and C-Band Satellite Internet

No matter how remote your site may be, Cable-Tech’s Wireless can provide you with Internet and E-mail services using the latest satellite technology. On both our Ku and C-Band platforms, Cable-Tech Wireless can provide direct data links into World Class Internet Exchanges.

Sales & Products

Hardware and Software

Sale We sell all types of IT equipment and brands, laptops; work stations, printers, scanners, servers, cable’s, hubs and we distribute a wide range of brands depending on the client’s needs.

Copiers, Printers and Faxes (Repair and Maintenance).

Our technicians specialize in a wide range of office equipment both analogue and digital.

SwitchMaintanace and Support.
Network Infrastructure Development.
Fibre Cabling.
Cloud and Sever Based Computing.
ku Band and C-Band Aerial Installations.
Security Applications.

Software Partner
Security Software
Network Hardware
Laptop Partner.
Computer Hardware
Computer Partner

Maintenance & Support

We provide support to our clients by servicing their IT infrastructure through service level agreements, IT cost management, analyze of down time of equipment to identify high cost IT components in the IT infrastructure. Our skill base include, citrix engineering, PC Docs ope 3.9x, MCSE, A+,N+, IT Engineering Diplomas, Our experience include Windows 95,98,NT,2000,Server,XP, Linux, MS SQL,CISCO routers, AIMIT, IIS, and Novell workstation /server.


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